Traditional New York
Style Crust

House Made
Marinara Sauce

Roasted Garlic and Extra
Virgin Olive Oil Base

16″ $15 20″ $19

Make It Like Grandma!
Our homemade dough, styled in a crispy and puffy
crust in a rectangle pan

Starting at $18

A 10″ Gluten-Free Crust – $11
Plus $1.50 per ingredient
See Price bellow
for Specialty Pies

Calzones or Stromboli’s – $11
Plus $1.50 per ingredient
Plus $5.00 for Specialty Pie

Fresh Ingredients


16″ +$2.00 20″ +$2.50

Artichoke hearts, arugula, banana peppers, bell peppers, basil, black olives, calabrian chilies, caramelized onions, green olives, house-pickled jalapeños, kalamata olives, fresh pineapple, red onions, roasted garlic, mushrooms, spinach, fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, white onions, and truffle oil


16″ +$2.00 20″ +$2.50

cheddar, feta, fresh mozzarella ($3),
grana padano parmesan, provolone, ricotta, and vegan cheese


16″ +$2.00 20″ +$3.50

anchovy, benton’s bacon,
grilled chicken, calabrese salami,
regular salami, house made meatballs, pepperoni, prosciutto ham, house made sausage, and slick’s burger

Classic Pies


GF-$12 16″-$16 20″-$21

marinara sauce base, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella


GF-$13 16″-$17 20″-$22

roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil base, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, and fresh parsley


GF-$12 16″-$20 20″-$21

marinara sauce base, EXTRA cheesy, and loaded with our signature house sausage


GF-$12 16″-$20 20″-$24

marinara sauce base, sliced ham, and freshly cut pineapple chunks


GF-$15 16″-$22 20″-$26

marinara sauce base, pepperoni, house sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions, black olives, and banana peppers

Veg Head

GF-$13 16″-$18 20″-$23

marinara sauce base, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, bell peppers, red onions, green olives, kalamata olives, banana peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes

Specialty Pies

Big papa

GF-$15 16″-$22 20″-$28

marinara sauce base, pepperoni, house sausage, house meatballs, and crumbled benton’s bacon


GF-$14 16″-$20 20″-$25

marinara sauce base, calabrese salami, calabrese chilies, and mike’s hot honey

Mama mia

GF-$15 16″-$22 20″-$26

marinara sauce base, fresh basil, house made meatballs, and ricotta cheese


GF-$13 16″-$18 20″-$23

roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil base, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, and topped with arugula and white truffle oil

Buffalo solider

GF-$14 16″-$20 20″-$25

roasted buffalo chicken, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and crumbled benton’s bacon (bbq chicken available)

Papa giorgio

GF-$15 16″-$22 20″-$26

roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, pepperoni, ricotta, house sausage, and caramelized onion


small $7 large $11


fresh cut romaine
housemade anchovy
and shredded grana
and croutons, add grilled.- $3

The house

a mix of fresh cut romaine hearts, iceberg heads, arugula, and spinach with a mixture of mushrooms, red onions, kalamata olives, banana peppers, and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese, served with house red wine vinaigrette dressing or house made buttermilk ranch

Raw Egg Warnings!

consuming raw or undercook eggs can increase your risk of getting food born illness

Garlic knots


a set of our hand rolled dough twisted up and mixed with a garlic-infused butter and served with our house marinara sauce

Housemade mozzarella wedges


triangle slices of our mozzarella cheese battered and fried to perfection, served with house marinara sauce

Bucket of house meatballs

half (5) – $10 full (10)-$18

the southside meatballs served up with house marinara sauce and ricotta cheese

Chicken wings


choose your flavor buffalo bbq teriyaki ask about our house sauces a random assortment of fried crispy crispy chicken flats and wings. approximately 1 lb


Chicken parmesan


breaded chicken breast topped with house marinara, ricotta cheese, melted provolone, freshly shredded grana padano parmesan on a toasted southside roll

Meatball parmesan


house meatballs covered in house marinara sauce, with melted provolone, ricotta cheese, and freshly shredded grana padano parmesan on a toasted southside roll

Southside philly

full $15 half $9

seasoned grilled sirloin steak, bell peppers, white onions, white american, and provolone cheese served on a toasted house baked submarine roll

Southside italian

full $15 half $9

pepperoni, geno salami, and ham with provolone cheese and thinly sliced white onions, fresh tomatoes, shredded lettuce, oregano, grana padano parmesan. served on a toasted house baked submarine roll with a side of house red wine vinaigrette

Totally baked subs

full $12 half $8

order hot or cold

all totally baked subs come in hot with lettuce, tomatoes, and thinly sliced white onions and prepared on our house baked submarine rolls

choice of ham, turkey, or club (+$1)

choice of swiss, provolone, or white american

choice of mayonnaise, mustard, or rosemary aioli